Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Fridge Cool In The Summer

Top 10 Tips To Make Your Fridge Cool In The Summer


Fridges are arguably the most important appliance in a kitchen, and when you spend so much money on one, you expect it to last a long time. Don’t continue with the same common mistakes everyone makes and instead get your fridge lasting for longer!

Here are our Top 10 Tips To Make Your Fridge Last Longer.


1. Avoid Putting Warm Foods Inside.

This one sounds obvious however, how many of you fall guilty of doing this? Most likely a lot of you. When warm foods are placed inside it lowers the overall temperature meaning the fridge has got to work harder to cool it all down. When an appliance is working in overtime at a rate it shouldn’t normally have to it can cause problems. When you have food that has been cooked which you want to store away in the fridge, always leave it on the counter and let it cool down before you place it in the fridge.

Chef holding hot food to put in the fridge

Chef Holding Hot Food To Put In The Fridge


2. Don’t Overfill Your Fridge.

Similar to the first tip, this one is all about how much the fridge has to work. If the refrigerator is full to the brim it will have a lack of air circulation meaning it will be working extra hard to keep everything inside at the correct temperature. Similarly, if the fridge is too empty then it will also have to work more than it normally would, so if you’re going away or just not using the fridge, put a couple of jugs of water inside to trick the fridge into thinking it’s not empty!


3. Keep It Clean.

Let’s be honest, we all knew this one was going to show up somewhere on the list, and we all know we’re guilty of not doing it properly or often enough. Cleaning a refrigerator doesn’t just mean cleaning the doors and the shelves (although make sure you do this as it is VERY important), one key place to clean is the back of the machine. Carefully pull your appliance away from the wall and you will most likely see the vents covered in dust. What this means is that the air cannot flow freely out of the machine which will cause problems. Another important place to clean is the seals. Make sure the seals are clean and have no damage to them. If you notice any damage then you should think about getting these replaced straight away. Damaged seals can let out air from the fridge, therefore, the motor will have to work even harder to keep replacing the lost air.


4. Check The Placement.

The location of where your refrigerator is important. You wouldn’t stick air conditioning right next to a radiator. So don’t put your fridge right beside an oven! When the oven is on, all the excess heat that is released from it will make its way right to the fridge, which in turn will affect the compressor from functioning the way it should. If you stick your fridge in the middle of the road outside your house, it will last longer as the temperature will be low. Unfortunately with kitchens, you may not have a lot of choice as to where the fridge can go, but if you can – keep it away from the heat!

Fridge Next To A Double Oven

Fridge next to a double oven


5. Keep The Top Clear.

We all try and use as much of the shelving we have available to us as possible, however, the top of the machine is where the heat of the running motor and fan dissipates from, so by having items on the top shelf, you block the air from dissipating properly, so the motor has to overwork to keep the fridge cool. You don’t have to leave the top shelf completely empty, just put the smaller items there and don’t place too many.


6. Move It Away From The Wall.

Moving the fridge a few inches away from the wall can make the world of difference. It will allow the air to circulate behind the machine and allow the refrigerator to get rid of its excess hot air easily.


7. Keep It Closed.

In the summer we all love to stick our heads in the fridge to cool down but think about how much hot air will enter that fridge. Not even just in the summer, the fridge will always be colder than your house temperature, so every time you open the door it has to work overtime to re-cool it all down. Even if you need to get the milk out quickly to have some cereal, make sure you close the fridge door. Which moves us on to the next point…

Fridge Door Wide Open

Fridge Door Wide Open


8. Organise Your Fridge.

Organise your refrigerator properly so that you spend less time opening the fridge to find things. The quicker you find what you’re looking for, the less time the door is spent open!


9. Use Containers, Cover Your Food.

Food that isn’t covered in your fridge will give off moisture which means the machine will have to run harder just to regulate the air. Instead of having free-floating items, use plastic airtight containers or simple cling film.

Fridge With The Food In Containers

Fridge With Most Of The Food In Containers


10. Notice A Problem? Repair It!

Majority of people when their fridge breaks down instantly think of buying a new one and chucking the old one. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it’s also bad for your wallet! Appliance repairs can be more affordable and eco-friendly than buying a new machine. So if you have a problem that you don’t think will fix itself, call an expert who can come and help.