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The Labour Charge Repair

What is included.

The labour charge repair fee includes the service engineers travel and labour time on his/her first service call visit to either fix or diagnose the fault (there is no separate call out charge, travel charge or hourly labour rate like other company's). A repair/diagnosis of fault will be carried out to resolve the fault entered in the "Description of Fault" box on your original booking form. A general service will be given (only if required) plus testing and a professional safety check. A full written report on work carried out, with any parts fitted and any advisory's or warnings will also be listed.

What is not included.

Any parts required. Any subsequent faults during the initial call or after the part(s) are fitted to cure the initial fault as described in the "Description of Fault" and any parts or labour required to fix these faults are not included in this repair and will be charged at an extra cost. Repairs as a result of appliances being affected by flood or fire damage. Repairs to appliances which have not been installed in accordance with the manufacturers' instructions & recommendations. Appliances which differ from the details used to obtain the quote, including the age of the appliance. A repair request that differs from the repair description. Food loss or spoilage replacement or compensation. Repairs as a result of misuse, negligence or poor/incorrect installation. Any commercial appliances or domestic appliances installed in commercial premises. Re-gassing of appliances such as fridges, freezers, wine coolers, air conditioning units and dehumidifiers. Any return calls necessary to complete the service call will be charged to your card or needs to be paid to the engineer at the end of his visit once the service engineer has given/emailed you the invoice. All return call visits to complete the repair or fit parts. This is currently a standard return call labour charge of £45.00+vat but may differ depending on area and appliance type. Any second, third etc. appliances to be worked on at each visit will be charged at £45+vat per extra appliance and will be invoiced on top of the original call charge. Any refund for any part(s) fitted which is a special order whether the fault was cured or not. If the appliance is floor standing, or integrated then you will need to have appliance removed from its position before the engineers visit in order for him/her to work on all four sides of appliance without any restrictions. If this is not possible then the engineer will be happy to carry out this task and will take all necessary care and precautions but he/she or the company will not be liable for any damage to the appliance, flooring, cupboards or pipework.

Your Labour Charge Repair Appointment

Once your booking, quotation and acceptance of our terms and conditions are complete, you agree to pay the agreed fee by credit or debit card prior to the visit or to the engineer at the end of the initial labour charge repair service visit plus any parts and any subsequent service visits. On the day of your booked service call visit one of our service engineers will visit the address given on the agreed date and carry out the repair to your appliance. If any part(s) are required, the service engineer will quote you first then usually fit them on the same visit (depending on van stock) or if the part is not in his van stock then he will order the part(s) within 1 working days of the call out (this will depend on how easily the part number is sourced from the manufacturer if the part number is not easily found on our parts list). If the parts required are in stock with us or the manufacturer, then they will be delivered to the engineer within 2 working days of the order being placed. If the part(s) are not in stock, we will order the part(s) from the manufacturers and will keep you informed of progress (normally via phone/email every 3 to 5 days). Parts must be paid for in advance. Manufacturer's normally state they are able to deliver ordered parts within 5 to 7 days but this can be longer depending on the demand for the part, age of appliance and country of manufacture. As soon as the part(s) are delivered to us our office will contact you to arrange a new appointment date to complete the repair. It should be noted that there are a handful of manufacturer's whose parts are not easily sourced and in some cases these have to be obtained from abroad which may unfortunately result in a delay in completing the repair. All repairs will require full and easy access to the appliance (e.g. able to be moved from under a work surface without damaging the surrounding fascia or floor and given enough space to carry out his work). If your appliance cannot be easily accessed to facilitate the repair, we reserve the right to abort the repair. In such instances you will still be responsible to pay the labour charge. Parking that gives reasonable access to your property must be provided for the engineer. If the parking is pay and display or permit controlled, it is your responsibility to arrange for the engineer to park free of charge for the duration of his visit. Any toll fees, congestion charge fees or extra fees of any kind will be the responsibility of the customer to reimburse the engineer directly on the day of the visit. Any return calls will be confirmed by email/phone call by our engineer.

Changing or Cancelling Your Appointment

Your right to cancel may be exercised by contacting us by phone or in writing. For ways to contact us please see the "Contact Us" page. You may change or cancel your appointment date at any time up to 18:00hrs on the day before the original agreed service call date. If you cancel your appointment at any time after 18:00hrs on the day before the agreed appointment date, then you will still be liable to pay the full labour charge. If our service engineer cannot gain access to the property or the appliance on the agreed appointment date, then you will still be liable to pay the full labour charge. If you wish to cancel whilst your repair is in progress, for example, the engineer has visited once but will need to return to complete the repair, you will not be entitled to any refund. If our service engineer has to change or cancel your selected appointment date and any alternative date offered is unacceptable to you then you have the right to cancel your service call and will not be liable to pay the full labour charge.

If We Cannot Repair Your Appliance

In very few instances the required part(s) may be obsolete or may not be readily available from our suppliers due to extended order times where they require sourcing from abroad. If after a period of 8 weeks, beginning from the date the part was ordered, the required part(s) is/are still outstanding and the appliance is inoperable either party has the right to cancel the repair. In this case as long as no parts have been fitted you will be entitled to receive either a full refund of the part price fee paid less any outstanding engineers labour charge or 50% refund (or 50% credit) for any restocking of parts. This is the fee we get charged from the manufacturers on some parts. If the part ordered was a "special order part" then there will be no refund as these special parts are normally paid for in advance by us and can't be returned to the manufacturer. If part(s) have been fitted and we are waiting on other parts to complete the repair, then you will not be entitled to any refund. If it is found that your appliance requires obsolete gas and the engineer is required to work on the gas system and he/she is unable to complete the repair, then you will still be liable to pay the full labour charge. Please review the rating plate of your product to determine the gas type to see if it is still a current gas before booking an engineer. If it is found that the appliance has been worked on by another person/parties, then we have the write to cancel the repair and you will still be liable to pay the full labour charge plus any parts fitted.

Guarantee period

The labour charge repair is guaranteed to cover the initial fault described in the "Description of Fault" for 90 days from the date the repair was completed and 12 months for most parts so long as these parts were supplied and fitted by us. If your appliance fails with the same fault as detailed in your "Description of Fault", we will arrange to send the original service engineer (where possible) back to you at a mutually convenient date and time at no extra cost. Calls made directly to the engineer to request a re-visit are not covered under this guarantee. This guarantee does not cover any subsequent unrelated breakdown/fault(s) to the appliance. If you request an engineer re-visit thinking you have the same fault and a different fault is found, then you will be liable to pay another full labour charge. The guarantee becomes invalid if the appliance was not used in accordance with the manufacturer instructions & guidelines, flood or fire damage, worked on by another person/company, moved within the property or to a new address. If any parts fitted are found to have failed due to operator error, misuse, neglect or not being used under the manufacturers' instructions & recommendations or as a result of another faulty or failed part then the guarantee will be void. In any case you will be liable to pay another full labour charge. Any parts supplied by you for our engineer to fit will not be covered by any part of the above guarantee

Other information

We store the contract's contents on our system and will send you details of your order as well as our general terms via email if requested. You can find the terms and conditions on this web site at all times. We aim to repair a wide range of kitchen appliances, but the manufacturer, appliance type, model and age will have a major influence on whether we can promptly obtain replacement part(s) and ultimately complete the repair. It should also be noted that once a specific appliance is no longer made the manufacturer will only retain replacement parts for a given period. You can ask for an update from our customer service department by mail or calling 01730 406105.


No one is perfect and we all make mistakes from time to time. If you feel you have a legitimate complaint to make regarding your repair then you must make this complaint formally in writing only by email/post (see contact us page) quoting your full name & address, Job Number, engineer name who attended, date and time of repair, appliance make, serial number plus model number and giving a detailed description of your grievance. This will then be passed to our service manager who will investigate your complaint and will respond as quickly as possible, normally within 14 working days once we have completed our investigation. Please be patient as we need to source the recorded telephone conversation from the original booking (or email or site booking form) plus written reports back from the engineer who attended your repair call and any staff members involved in your repair call booking first in order to answer your complaint fully.

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Amending these Terms & Conditions

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Data Protection

It will be deemed that your personal information will be held and used by Petersfield Appliance Repairs Limited and selected companies acting on our behalf. We need to disclose your information to our service providers/service engineers to undertake the repair to your appliance and to provide us with relative technical information to carry out our service for you. We may also use your data for training and testing purposes. We may pass your data to any relevant regulator or dispute resolution provider. If you have given us permission, your details may also be used by us to market and promote other complimentary products, services and solutions. We and the third parties (if applicable) may contact you by mail, telephone or email. If you no longer want your data to be used by third parties or by us for marketing purposes and you have not already notified us please email us at NOT IN SERVICE

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